Sunx Sensors

We believe
that to ensure
a permanent
commitment to
quality is to
foster an internal business culture
of quality.


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Sensitec prides itself by representing and being associated with leading global manufacturers in their respective fields, supplying quality, innovative, cost optimized products and solutions to our Southern African customers.

Sensitec are representing leading brands;
Microsens – a world leader in designing and manufacturing of fiber
   optic / Ethernet conversion and transmission products.

Sunx – a global manufacturer of sensors for automation systems. As the leading
   manufacturer of sensors, we provide high performance sensors for a variety
   of applications.

Tele Haase – a pioneer in monitoring technology and has had a significant
   impact on technology trends. With more than 40 years' experience, TELE occupies
   a leading position in the international marketplace.

Wachendorff – designs, develops and manufactures absolute, incremental,
   draw wire encoders and accessories for use in rugged applications across the world.

Our strength in Sensitec is in the relationships we foster with our stakeholders, which includes customers and suppliers, and the effort we make to better understand the requirements both from a technical and a total solutions perspective. We encourage our customers to look at innovative, latest technology and proven products and solutions that enable them to maximize long term benefits by focusing on total cost of ownership.

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